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Experience captivating AI art. Discover Hologram, where 'Holograms' come alive. Share favorites on social media, anticipate NFT integration. Rediscover joy of AI art!

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Unleash your creativity with Hologram's generative AI images. Immerse yourself in mesmerizing artworks crafted by artificial intelligence, inspiring endless possibilities.

What's Next?

At Hologram, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of art and technology. Here's a glimpse of what's on the horizon:

  1. June

    Product Hunt Launch

    We're thrilled to announce that we've successfully launched Hologram on Product Hunt! Thanks to the incredible support of our community, we've achieved the top 4 of AI product during that launch week. It's just the beginning of our journey to empower artists and creators with AI-generated art.

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    Unleash artistry, explore generative AI.

  2. July

    Gnosis Pre-sale Launch

    Get ready for the exclusive presale of our NFT collection on Gnosis. Own a piece of the Hologram revolution, where art meets technology. Enter your email below or register at alpha.tryhologram.art to join the whitelist and be among the first to access this exciting opportunity. Alternatively, you can also connect your Web3 wallet at alpha.tryhologram.art/web3 and explore the possibilities. Don't miss out on this groundbreaking journey at the intersection of art and blockchain!

  3. August

    Stacks Pre-sale Launch

    We're expanding our horizons and bringing the power of Hologram to the Stacks blockchain. Stay tuned for the upcoming launch and be part of the seamless integration of art and blockchain technology. Join us on this exciting journey and be at the forefront of the Stacks blockchain revolution with Hologram!

  4. Q4

    Grand Launching AI-powered community tools

    We're on the verge of an incredible breakthrough. Prepare to witness the unveiling of our highly anticipated AI-powered community tools. Brace yourself for a revolutionary experience that will redefine the way you create, collaborate, and connect in the world of art. Stay tuned for the big reveal as we approach the moment when the boundaries of artistic possibilities are shattered.

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